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Mamma Maria's pizzeria



Hello. guys. i'm going to let you guys know that there's good pizza restaurant in near our school. !

My friends and I ate out in this restaurant on the last weekend.

The restaurant was so easy to find then it's location in front of choice market. And it took a 5 minutes from our school by walk ! 








there are various pizza on the menu!


there are more than 30 kind of pizza flavor


But ! we already decided to order to beef pizza before going there 



There is kebab on the menu also can see the size XXL. as i mentioned before.

i'm so curious about the size !




This picture was our pizza ! it was regular size beef pizza. 

Actually,  We were looking forward to eating the regular, thick pizza crust. 

​But it was the thin one.. OMG . However, the pizza flavor was ​yummy even though it was a bit salty.

Anyway, our beef pizza price was 265peso ! it was cheap and when people order regular size pizza. It serves       

8 slice of pizza . and the size is good for two or three people.




We didn't know that the Mamma Maria's pizzeria is a pretty famous restaurant in terms of pizza size.

I heard that  XXL size pizza is good for ten people. 

However, there was even a bigger size than this, so we were so curious about it. %EB%86%80%EB%9E%8C%20%EB%B6%84%ED%99%8D%EB%8F%99%EA%B8%80%EC%9D%B4

We went back to our school but we were determined to eat the biggest size next time !

Anyway I recommend the Mamma Maria's pizzeria restaurant among the pizza parlors within a walking distance from E&G ! 



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