E&G's Teacher Training System

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Almost all the language centers in the Philippines claim that their teachers are "CHOSEN" and "WELL-TRAINED". They make a considerable effort in explaining how they systematically employ new teachers and train them to be "GOOD" teachers.  But,  it is also said that there are only "FEW" language centers which have their own  TEACHER TRAINING SYSTEM.

 E&G can surely be  one of the "FEW" language centers! 

1. E&G only chooses those who are specialized in teaching English like those who have teacher’s or TESOL’s license, and have experienced in Online English or in other Language Schools. 

2. During the probationary period, new teachers are supposed to be intensively trained with Grammar, Pronunciation, Speaking courses, which are resources employed from CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH which enjoys the unbeatable reputation.  




New teachers successfully completed with the courses are entitled to receive the CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION as given below, and have taken the first step to become E&G TEACHERS.  




3. After completing the above intensive training, new teachers are now provided with the respective teaching guides for all ELT books being used in E&G. 

The teaching guides generally explain about how to teach the corresponding books, and  precisely concern standardized skills and strategies which should be applied in delivering the contents of the books.

To put it plainly, the teaching guides are E&G's own standard for classes it offers which can guarantee all its students the same quality classes.


4. Finally, new teachers are assigned to actual classes after presenting a few demo classes to the members of E&G's R&G Department and having the technical feedback on the presentations.


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