E&G Level Test System

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E&G Level Test System

E&G Level System is based on CEFR  (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages put together by the Council of Europe as a way of standardizing the levels of language exams in different regions) since it is very widely used internationally and all important exams are mapped to the CEFR.


Click the link and watch the video below first so that you can have a good grasp of E&G's level test.



E&G's Level System evaluates student's English abilities with 6 levels (1- Beginner low /
2 - Beginner High / 3 - Intermediate Low /
4 - Intermediate Mid / 5 - Intermediate High /
6 -  Advanced Low)
as CEFR evaluates English language proficiency with 6 levels in 3 bands
(A1, A2 / B1, B2 / C1, C2).
E&G levels map to CEFR and reading and grammar test items are borrowed from other CEFR based tests like Pearson Tests and Cambridge English Tests, so E&G levels can directly be compared with the levels of CEFR or  scores of other English Proficiency Test like TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS and others.




Especially, E&G's Speaking and Writing Tests are highly sophisticatedly designed to evaluate students' Speaking and Writing proficiency in English. 

For example, in the Speaking Test Rubrics (refer to images below) below, there are 4 macro skills (PRONUNCIATION / GRAMMATICAL RANGE AND ACCURACY / LEXICAL RESOURCE / FLUENCY AND COHERENCE) to be graded with 6 levels, and each level of the the respective skills has a standardized and detailed description. What examiner and observer do in conducting the speaking test is only to analyze the student's answer according to this Speaking Rubrics. 










It is quite sure that E&G has established the most objective and intuitive method on speaking and wring tests even though they intrinsically dependent on an examiner's own ability and experience.  


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