★Student Of The Month In May 2017

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Good Day! This is E&G.

This time, we are going to interview Student SHELLIE

who won the first place in the last monthly test. Let's Go~ 



1. How do you study English ?


After finish all my calsses in E&G, I also study English by myself at least 3hours everyday 

and I learn new words, expressions many times.

The important thing is to use those new words, expressions next day 

and I could feel improve my English. That's it.



2. I wonder how do you feel E&G, our school ?


Firstly, location of E&G is perfect. There are oceans around E&G and the atmosphere is also good. This makes me relax all the time.


Secondly, There are many good teachers in E&G. 

Teachers always encourage me to study well. So, I can concentrate on studying. 

Besides, I came to E&G and met nice students. 

I have many friends in E&G as well. Now I hang out with my friends. if I feel tired. 

We go to the beach, downtown, restaurant together. Also talk a lot with my friends.


lastly, I feel I am safe in DAVAO



3. Last question !

How do you expect your future with English ?


I wanted to learn English more than before, experience many things 

here in the Philippines more and more, That's why I am here now.

I am enjoying everythings here, like.. study, travel etc.

Actually, I have not decided the plan for my future.

If I keep studying English, Things related to using English

may happen in my future, I may have a job related using English.

But I don't know anithing about my future.. haha..



Thank you, SHELLIE ! for answering to our interview.


SHELLIE enjoyed our interview.

Thank you so much ! and Good Luck !




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