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Using Atms in Davao


Good afternoon!

Today, I'm going to let you guys know how to use ATM ! 
Actually, anyone can use it easily. But, if you guys use it overseas for the first time,

you guys could be embarrassed. 

​Normally, students study for short term and go back to their country.

 So, they usually prepare dollars for exchanging to peso. 

(Reference, Usually US dollar has more advantages of higher exchange rate)

On the other hand, there are some students who come only with minimum peso.. it's a bit bother some. OMG

So! i'm blogging this for them. 



One other information! When you guys withdraw money from ATM, it will be charged with a fee of 200peso.. 

Therefore, It's the best to do as much as possible when you withdraw.



Let's get the money.


First, put the card and the language selection screen appears. 

Unfortunately, there's no Korean. So choose English!





Select Withdrawal and savings. 

(Normally, students have money in their savings account)





Next, select amount.

Don't forget that the fee for withdrawing is 200 peso for a time. So, i recommend 10000 peso!



Put password carefully.


(If your password is incorrect about 3 times, your account will be suspended.)



Wait~ Wait ~




Transaction completed !


And i recommend that you guys put your card and cash in your purse or bag securely. 

Actually, Davao is not dangerous. But it's better to be careful ^^ 




 SEE YOU NEXT TIME ! brown_and_cony-80


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